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my name is Intan Nadia. currently one of SPM candidates for 2011. will continue to update my blogger after the end of my SPM papers. a big fan of Kpop, Anime & Jrock. all I want are 9A+ for my SPM, go to Japan and continue my study in Korea. hope you guys will enjoy reading all my old posts ^___^

04 November 2010

Aarif Rahman :D

this guy is freaking hot!
he's known as Aarif Lee.
and he's a Muslim, but he has a pet, dog. wtf? haha kesah.
he's mixed, Malay-Arab-Chinese. woah!
how did I find about him?
it's all because of Muqhzeen, Chinese drama/movie addict. HAHA.
and he'll act as Bruce Lee in his upcoming film, Bruce Lee, my brother.
I wanna watch him. wohoo can't wait!


  1. he is not muslim
    got a so called malay name does not meant that he is a muslim noob